Refund Policy

Recurring Services

We offer refunds to our clients on a case-by-case basis. The amount refunded will vary depending on the service originally ordered, minus all unrecoverable costs (e.g content creation, content placement, fees).

In this situation, we will normally deny a refund request as long as the work was completed as ordered. Depending on the length of the campaign and client history we will usually offer a complementary one month of service on a new web property.

Case #2: Speed-Ranks has made a mistake on my order!

In any instances of a mistake on our end, we will attempt to immediately fix the issue and will normally offer a full refund if requested.

Case #3: My campaign was recently re-billed and we would no longer like to continue with this service.

Full refunds will be given to campaign payments within 48 hours of billing on request. After this period, partial refunds will be granted minus X number of days since the billing date (e.g service cost / 30 days * remainder of monthly subscription)

To request a refund, simply contact us at